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When financial crises compound, bankruptcy laws can provide a fresh start and in many cases protect your property from creditor action such as the foreclosure of your home or garnishment of your wages. It’s vital to get expert advice during this process that will help you approach the problem in the right way and focus on your economic future.
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At Kelley and Clements, we recognize that not all cases lend themselves to settlement. As experienced civil attorneys, we know that some lawsuits can be settled out of court while others require litigation to achieve the desirable outcome. Backed by our detail oriented support staff, we have successfully litigated all types of cases to attain resolutions that fulfill our clients’ expectations. If you’re facing a lawsuit, we will guide you through your options and fight for your best interests throughout the entire process.
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General Practice

When issues arise that require legal assistance, turn to the reliable general practice attorneys at Kelley and Clements. As long-time practicing attorneys in Gainesville, GA, we know how to make seemingly complex legal matters easy. No matter the legal issue you might be facing, you can rely on our Gainesville, GA attorneys to be reliable, responsive and professional. Learn more about our attorneys.