When litigation is needed, Kelley and Clements is here to help you reach your desired settlement. As experience civil attorneys, we represent our clients through all types of cases in order to achieve the desired outcome.
At Kelley and Clements, we recognize that not all cases lend themselves to settlement. Some lawsuits can be settled out of court while others require litigation to achieve the desirable outcome. Backed by our detail oriented support staff, we have successfully litigated all types of cases to attain resolutions that fulfill our clients’ expectations. If you’re facing a lawsuit, we will guide you through your options and fight for your best interests throughout the entire process.
Civil Attorney
Civil litigation includes a broad range of disputes. As civil litigation attorneys, Cumming and Kelley’s professional role is both challenging and diverse. In finding the best possible outcome for our clients, we oppositional positions and embrace conflict.
Litigation Lifecycle
Litigation can be seen through seven stages: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. While not every litigation case can see all seven stages, know that Kelley and Clements is ready for all possible outcomes in settling your lawsuit.
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