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Gainesville and Northeast GA Bankruptcy Attorneys 770-531-0007

We’ve been helping people with debt related issues for years, and we’ve found that our clients are interested in three things: how much does this cost? How quickly can you get it done?  Do you know what you’re doing?


We understand that if you’re facing financial troubles, you don’t always have the money sitting around to hire a lawyer. That’s why we offer payment plans and work with our clients on fees.  We’re also straightforward about what we charge. There are lots of folks out there advertising that you can file bankruptcy for no money up front. As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The truth is, we charge the same, and in some cases less, than other firms. We believe that given our experience and personalized service, hiring us offers you a very good value for your money. Contact us at 770-531-0007 to schedule a free consultation, and to ask about our pricing.

How Quickly Can We Help?

The answer to this question is that in most situations, we can help you the day you come in to our office.
To get started, please call 770-531-0007 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. You will need to bring with you the following in order to file your case:
  • All pay stubs received by you for the past 90 days. If you do not receive pay stubs, please bring bank statements showing any income you have earned, or statements from unemployment, social security or any other item that would show your monthly income. If you are married, we will need your spouse’s income information as well, even if he or she is not filing the case with you, because we have to disclose household income in the papers we file for you.
  • Tax return for the last year filed.
  • Proof of your social security number. (social security card, W-2 or 1099).
  • Proof of photo ID (e.g. drivers license, military ID, passport).
If you wish to have expedited service when you arrive, please print and fill out the Client Intake sheet.
Our consultation is free. If you decide to file a chapter 13 case, you will at least need $75 for down payment of court costs, and an additional $50 for the mandatory credit counseling session that you must obtain prior to filing.  If you file a chapter 7 case, we will set up a payment arrangement for payment of attorney fees and court costs.  Please call to discuss your case with an attorney at 770-531-0007.

Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys are very experienced in bankruptcy law.  We have knowledge handling complex business and farm reorganizations, as well as having handled thousands of consumer bankruptcy cases, both as the attorney for clients like you and working for a bankruptcy trustee. Simply put, we’re the firm other lawyers refer cases to.
Second, we offer personalized service. Most law firms these days fall into two categories.  Either the firm will be a large volume practice firm, and you will be one of hundreds of clients they handle, or you’ll have a small firm with a lawyer who knows you by name. We fall into the second category of small-town firms who know their clients on a first-name basis and know the issues you’re facing.  We just prefer to deal with our clients ourselves, rather than an assistant or paralegal handling most of your case.

More Information

Know your rights and options. We have the experience and the knowledge to help, and we are local and based here in Gainesville. Contact us at 770-531-0007 for a free consultation, or read on for more information.

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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws were created to offer a fresh start for debtors by eliminating debt while providing protection for necessary property so that honest, hard-working people in financial crisis can start over. Bankruptcy protects you and your assets, while applying a fair and impartial system to handle creditors who are demanding payment from limited resources.
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Is It Right for Me?

While bankruptcy offers many benefits to financially burdened companies and individuals, it is not the solution for every financial problem. It’s important to understand what bankruptcy can and cannot do for your particular situation.
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Pros and Cons

Filing bankruptcy offers protection from foreclosure as well as other benefits. However, there are often downsides. It’s vital to understand and weigh both sides before making a final decision. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you get the help you need while avoiding the pitfalls.

Other Options

For some, filing bankruptcy may be the clear answer. For others, there is a host of alternatives such as consolidation, negotiation or restructuring that make debt repayment more manageable.
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We are a firm of lawyers serving Gainesville, GA and the surrounding areas.  When you are in serious debt, it can often feel like there is no way to get out from under this burden. Creditors may call you at all hours of the day and night, they may threaten lawsuits or even repossession of your property. Call today for more information on how we can help, at 770-531-0007.