Do not leave the protection of your estate to chance, feel confident knowing that your investments and family are safe in the wake of an unexpected tragedy. At Kelley & Clements, our experienced estate planning attorneys work closely with you to create a comprehensive estate plan to ensure that all of your wishes are properly carried out.
Will Contests and Interpretation
Our compassionate lawyers are experienced in handling a wide variety of sensitive issues regarding estate matters. This includes property trusts, will contests and will interpretation, as well as contested matters in cases where no will exists. We will work with you to handle these issues in a quick and proficient manner.
The Probate Process
A number of complicated issues have the potential to arise during the probate process, including matters of missing heirs, guardianship and objections to the will. Situations involving a domestic partnership are likely to lend to additional legal issues and can greatly lengthen the litigation process. Further delays are possible between the time of death and the administration of the estate.
Matters of the probate process can be lengthy and cumbersome, but our team is well versed in handling all matters regarding estate planning and administration. We will work to resolve contingent issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here at Kelley & Clements our clients are our number one priority. Our trusted team of estate experts will work hard to reduce any extra pain induced during the grieving process.
Contact our attorneys for more information regarding estate law. Kelley & Clements P.C. is ready to help you with estate planning today!