Experienced Gainesville, GA Real Estate Lawyers

Making the most of your real estate investment will take creative ideas, business acumen, and a careful assessment of all the legal issues involved. At Kelley & Clements, our experienced real estate lawyers can help you realize the full value of your real estate investment by drafting and reviewing contracts that are designed to limit your risk while protecting your rights. Our closing attorney can also manage your real estate closings quickly and efficiently while providing the supporting knowledge necessary to help you weigh and manage a variety of issues, including:

Real Estate Contracts.

Your real estate contracts are essential to your development’s success. We will work with you to understand your objectives and draw up purchase and sale contracts, subdivision covenants, and other agreements that meet those objectives.

Real Estate Closings.

In a multi-million dollar deal or in the purchase of a family home, take the precaution of having your contracts and financing documents reviewed by an experienced closing attorney.

Boundary and Title Disputes.

If your property is being threatened by boundary disputes or title disputes, we can move quickly to resolve the matters. As a homeowner or as a builder or developer, you need to be sure all property disputes are settled quickly with the help of an experienced real estate lawyer.